Maman Parle français

12 Octobre début des cours : “Maman Parle français

Maman parle français” or “Mummy speaks french“, is made for you.
Mothers that moved here in la Côte d’Azur who have specific schedule with family and working hours.

Classes are on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10h to 12h for Beginners and from 12h to 14h for Advanced.

Classes are built in a way to make you feel comfortable and adapted to your needs.

From 10h to 10h30: Classes starts around a cup of coffee. We will introduce everyone and discuss different daily topics.

From 10h30 to 12h: We will study the basic structures of the language that will allow you to get over any daily situations.

The lessons will focus on daily situations such as:

  • How to speak to a French person, buying things in a shop, making an appointment, being understood (hair dresser, esthetician, restaurant…).
  • French habits and way of life: How to interact with different people in the “French way”.
  • What to bring if you are invited, do you have to do “la bise” to everyone?
  • French lifestyle and trends.

Each courses will be taken with a happy and positive state of mind, we will be focusing on vocal and “real life” situations.

The price for 4 weeks is: 557€.

We will not provide our classes during school holidays so you can focus on your family activities.

But those who want to keep practicing, and with your children we also have “je parle français avec maman“:

  • A moment of exchange with all your family, focusing on French at tea time.

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