Whatever our cultural background, stories have accompanied us all as children in our language learning. It promotes the work of oral and written expression, while addressing phonetics, lexicon and grammar, so they fully have their place in the language class.

Training aims

Format and pedagogy

The format of the courses:

The duration of the training is 25 hours over 5 days for 5 hours a day. A session is open from 6 participants.

Our classes are usually composed of 8 to 12 people for a better individualization of learning. 

  • Dynamic animations based on progressive methods and scenarios
  • Oral expression
  • Written exercises
  • Training Support


The topics covered during the training:

Focus on oral expression while remaining faithful to the structure of the tale:

  • Playful games and exercises as triggers for spontaneous stories and improvisation.
  • Creation of more structured narratives and reflection on grammatical and lexical points: past tenses / comparison / description (relative ones)

 Explore some popular tales:

  • Reading of different versions of the same tale.
  • The same tale around the world
  • Recurring themes.
  • Notion of point of view (ex: Little Red Riding Hood told by the wolf ...)
  • Fairytale characters and their doubles in myths.

Create a tale and tell it:

  • Spontaneity and improvisation
  • Writing a story while respecting constraints.
  • Mental image (show)
  • Speech, rhythm and phonetics.

In addition

Teachers in office or future teachers of languages, French as a Foreign Language, or second language acquisition.

Minimum A2 level in French and interest in communicative methods.

Sessions are open from 6 participants.
Registration closes 4 weeks before the start of the session.

This training can be financed by self-financing or via the financing program “Erasmus +

25h training:
1 400 €

* You are a university, a group or a company: Please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

The candidate will be assessed through a scenario, using the vocabulary and concepts mentioned in the course.

At the end of the training, each person receives:

  • A support covering the main theoretical concepts discussed.
  • The end-of-session evaluation sheet, attesting to the level acquired

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