how to finance your training

It is possible to finance a training partially or in full! Depending on your status (employee, job seeker, self-employed) and the activity of your company, different choices are available to you.

Funding by personal training account (CPF)

The personal training account (CPF) can be used by any employee, throughout their working life, including during periods of unemployment, to follow a qualifying or certifying training. The CPF replaced the individual right to training (DIF). Employees do not lose the hours acquired under the DIF if they have been integrated into the CPF.

The CPF is aimed at:

  • Employees
  • Job seekers
  • Members of a liberal profession or a self-employed profession
  • Collaborating spouses

The objective of the Personal Training Account (CPF) is to secure the professional career and maintain / increase the employability of each individual.

More information on the Public service.


If the price of the training you wish to take is higher than the amount available on your personal training account, you can pay the difference by credit card or request a financial contribution from Pole Emploi or your employer or:

  • Since July, you can request a contribution from Pôle emploi to finance the remainder. More information on the website Employment center.

  • Employers can also participate financially in the training project of their employees by allocating them voluntary grants. More information on the website Moncompteformation.

Self-financing also allows you to finance all of a non-certifying professional training.

Funding by skills operator (OPCO)

The role of skills operators (OPCO) is to support companies within the framework of vocational training.

Depending on its professional branch, each company is attached to an OPCO. The latter can offer specific funding or reductions on identified training lists. For more information, please contact our team via the contact form below. 

For any questions, quote request or reservation, please contact our team using the contact form.


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