The designer in the fashion and luxury workshop manufactures small and medium-sized series of warp and weft, fuzzy or structured, or cut-and-sew knit garments, essentially feminine, for luxury ready-to-wear.

The evolution of demand towards more and more complex and multi-material garments requires the couturier to have significant expertise and agility of mind. The dressmaker in the fashion and luxury workshop prepares and assembles, then assembles series of sub-assemblies from previously cut fabrics, such as silk, satin, embroidery, cashmere, and/or cut-and-sewn knits and/or materials flexible.

The work begins with the organization of the workstation to efficiently produce luxury ready-to-wear quality pieces, it contributes to the different stages of clothing manufacturing by mobilizing the different techniques used in luxury.

Training aims

Format and pedagogy

The format of the courses:
  • Number of hours in the center: 438h
  • Number of hours in business: 252h
  • Number of hours in total: 690h
The technical platform is located: 

Denis Durand Academy
6 rue Tracastel
06130 Grasse

The English lessons and the lessons of module 1 as well as the follow-up and preparation interviews for the title take place:

International College of Cannes
1 avenue du Doctor Alexandre Pascal
06400 Cannes

Teaching methods
  • Alternating theoretical content and practice 
  • Individualization of courses
  • Accompaniment by the referent of the structure

Our program

Demonstrated skills

  1. Contractualize a service of creation of made-to-measure women's clothing or alterations in an international environment
  •  Make an advisory sale for the unit creation of a garment or an alteration
  •  Establish the selling price of a unitary creation of a garment or an alteration

  1. Design custom women's clothing
  • Build the base of a garment
  • Building and validating the fabric of a garment
  • Make a garment pattern
  1. Carry out the manufacture of made-to-measure women's clothing and alterations
  • Cut components of a garment
  • Prepare and assemble sub-assemblies of a garment
  • Realize the assembly of a garment
  • Finishing off a garment
  • Alter a garment

Targeted audience : 

For all

Conditions of admission :

  • Level B1 of French.
  • Validation of a professional project upstream.

  • Skills adapted to the professional environment

Methods and deadlines for access to training:  

Admission after interview, admission after test

The training is open all year round.

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8 300 €

Financing modalities

  • Individual funding
  • ID
  • Funding Career transition project
  • Oral and/or written evaluation during the training
  • Mock exams
  • Evaluation of the period in business
  • In-training control
  • Final exam

Validation of the professional title couturier retoucher Preparation of the professional integration project

Pedagogical supervision
The training is led by specialized trainers.

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