Do art galleries fascinate you? Are you passionate about auctions? Luxury and its know-how attract? Are the “Young Timers” your business? Become an Art Advisor, Broker-Advisor in art! Intermediary between the auctioneer, the antique dealer and the gallery owner, the broker-advisor and unearths the best pieces, in the most diverse types possible (ethnic, design, object of collection, urban art, etc.) and promotes them to optimize the investment of its customers. The business is constantly growing: + 35% in 5 years! It's time to get started!

Training aims

The profession of Art Advisor (Broker-Advisor in Art) is a new profession of art, in strong growth since 2010.

The main mission of a broker-advisor is to bring his practical knowledge of the art market to his clients. He accompanies them to define with them a strategy for the acquisition or rental of works of art, but also of collectibles, according to the project, the duration and the means allocated. He implements his knowledge of Art History and Art markets, but also, if necessary and feasible, a network of service providers (craftsmen, fixers, etc.).

Highly qualified intermediary, in charge of identifying, supplying and promoting works of art and collectibles, this professional must anticipate trends, reversals in values ​​and foresee imponderables. The profession of Art Advisor offers more flexibility than the professions of auctioneers, experts or antique dealers, due to a less restrictive legal framework. This activity can be exercised full-time or alongside other activities.

True strategist of the relationship that his client will have with art pieces or collectibles, the art broker-advisor must:

Format and pedagogy

The format of the courses:

The duration of the training is 14 hours, spread over 2 days

The training is usually made up of 8 to 12 people for better individualization of learning.

  • Theoretical and practical contributions
  • Scenarios


Topics covered during the training 

DAY #1: Valuation methods

  • The vintage phenomenon: the three valuation methods to increase your margin!
  • “False Negatives”: identification, selection and pitfalls to avoid. Learn to "smell" the right investment ...
    in the failures of others.
  • Invest 3%… Valuate at +130%: the “magic ratio” of rarity
  • “Push/Pull” strategies: how to create and increase the leverage of a trend to your profit
  • Social and media promotion: exposure, product placement, co-branding

DAY #2: Legal framework

  • Legal framework of the broker-advisor: flexibility and limits
  • Art & Collection Sourcing: establish a formal and informal watch. Professional advice on where and how to find the "good shots" in art and collections.
  • Single business or ecosystem: how to make the right choice
  • Related professions and partners: wealth enriches

In addition

This training is aimed at anyone of legal age wishing to work in the arts.

Conditions of admission :

  • Intermediate knowledge in Art History
  • Basic knowledge in Law and Marketing.
  • Level B2 (advanced) in French

Equivalent level: Bac to Master 2

For more information on the different language levels:
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It is possible to integrate a course throughout the year, depending on the number of registrants. New classes can be created on request.

For more information, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. 

You can finance this training by self-financing, or OPCO companies.

14h training (over 2 days):
1200 € per person, inter-company

* For an intra-company service: Please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

A final simulation session, using the concepts mentioned in the course

Documents and materials for participants
A skills assessment sheet and a training certificate is given to each participant.

Pedagogical supervision
The training is led by specialized trainers.

Download the training sheet 

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